We recommend using on or by the sell by date on the package.

Yes, but we recommend always heating to an internal temperature of 160º.

Yes, Sabrett® Frankfurters can be frozen but for no more than two months to maintain their maximum flavor.

Sabrett® and its manufacturing plants have earned an “Excellent” rating by achieving a Level 3 Certification, awarded by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) operating under the auspices of the Global Food Safety Initiative. Level 3 is the strictest compliance level requiring a highly detailed monitoring and verification of all facets of the company and production, which includes Facility, Employee Training, Product Quality and Product Safety among other criteria. Independent 3rd party auditing assures Sabrett® customers that all mandatory criteria are met or exceeded.

As well as SQF compliance, Sabrett® is inspected by the USDA on a 24/ 7 basis. Products released to commerce are assured of wholesomeness by the Federal Government. USDA mandate strict compliance under the HACCP for Food Safety/ Quality regulations and sanitation performance standards related to Facility and Employee Safe Working Practices.

The highly regarded “Excellent” rating recognizes Sabrett®, as one of a very exclusive group of Domestic Food Facilities, and authorizes the use of the Registered Trademark Shield of SQFI in Sabrett® Marketing.

Sabrett® frankfurters are Kosher style but not Kosher.

Yes, Sabrett® Frankfurters are wheat and gluten free.