About Sabrett®

Sabrett® is a registered trademark owned by Marathon Enterprises, Inc., a major regional supplier to the retail, wholesale and food service industries with an enviable reputation for quality and service dating back to 1926. Sabrett® frankfurters are sold nationally under the Sabrett® label.

Direct customers include retail supermarkets, wholesale clubs, independent distributors, movie theaters, amusement parks, snack bars, pushcart vendors, convention centers, ballparks and stadiums.

Sabrett®’s facilities include two manufacturing plants and a distribution center in the Bronx, NY that ships Sabrett® products nationwide. The Sabrett® corporate offices are located in Englewood, New Jersey.

As required by the USDA, Sabrett® plants are supervised by onsite Government Inspectors. Recently the government has proposed much stricter guidelines for all processed food. Here at Sabrett® we are already meeting and exceeding those guidelines.

Sabrett® and its manufacturing plants are proud to have earned an “Excellent” rating by achieving a Level 3 Certification for demonstrating its commitment and dedication to providing the highest quality products as awarded by the Safe Quality Food Institute (SQF) operating under the auspices of the Global Food Safety Initiative. The SQF certification is the single most trusted symbol for global food safety and quality.

Level 3 is the strictest compliance level requiring highly detailed monitoring and verification of all facets of the company and production. This includes Facility, Employee Training, Product Quality and Product Safety among other criteria. The highly regarded “Excellent” rating recognizes Sabrett®, as one of a very exclusive group of Domestic Food Facilities, and authorizes the use of the Registered Trademark Shield of SQFI in Sabrett® marketing.

Independent 3rd party auditing assures Sabrett® customers that all mandatory criteria are met or exceeded. As well as SQF compliance, Sabrett® is inspected by the USDA on a 24/ 7 basis. Products released to commerce are assured of wholesomeness by the Federal Government. USDA mandates strict compliance under the HACCP for Food Safety/ Quality regulations and sanitation performance standards related to Facility and Employee Safe Working Practices.

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